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If you’re struggling with figuring out what to write about,
whether it’s writing your next blog post, a product idea, or Sales Funnel you’re working on, try this method out:

1. Go to and type in keywords that are related to your niche.
For example, if your site or eBook was about Golf, you’d type in golf in the search field.

2. Locate the top books in the search results,
and you click on one of them (Arnold Palmer- he’s pretty good).

This will open up the page that shows you what it’s about, how much the book costs, etc.

3. Look inside the cover.
The cool thing that Amazon does is that it shows us the first few
and the last few pages of most of their books.

And what page is always shown when you “look inside”?

The Table Of Contents

The table of contents will show you exactly what kinds of things people are talking about within that niche.

So, for our Golf example, according to Arnold, I see the following:

Part 1:

1. Golf is Easier Than You Think

2. How to Be the One Golfer in Fifty Who Holds the Club Right

3. How to Swing Harder While Trying Less

4. How to Practice for Fun and Profit

5. Developing the Winning Frame of Mind

6…and so on

Now, These are pretty good ideas!
BUT…you don’t want to just copy Arnold’s table of contents verbatim and use them yourself.

They should, however, give you ideas on what you will write about.

So for example,
Here are some blog post titles
or chapters of eBooks that you could invent from this part of the table of contents:

– What Exactly is the Right Ball for Golf?

– The Beginner’s Guide to Picking Golf Clubs

– How to Practice Golf

– 8 Golf Tips to Give Yourself the Best Chance to Winning

– Advanced Relaxation and Concentration – For Serious Weekend Warriors Only

You get the idea.

We’re basically getting a boost of inspiration from looking inside the covers of these books.

If you think about it,
a lot of money went into helping the authors figure out how to organize
and determine what they were going to write about,

so now you can use that as your own starting point to make even better content for your eBook or blog.

So try it out.
Go to Amazon,
enter a keyword,
look inside the covers,
find the table of contents, and get inspired!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tip.

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Thanks, and best of luck to you!

Dan with http://www.theHomeBusiness.Reviews

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